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本文摘要:1. You’re constantly checking your social networks during work hours.1.你常常大大地在工作时间内查阅自己的社交媒体。

1. You’re constantly checking your social networks during work hours.1.你常常大大地在工作时间内查阅自己的社交媒体。I get that work probably isn’t the most exciting thing going on in your day, but if you find that you’re constantly checking and re-checking your social networks at work, then let’s face it: you’re probably not getting much done.我想要你的工作每天并不是令其你最精神抖擞的事情,但是如果你发现自己总是在工作的时候,大大地看了又看自己的社交媒体网站,让我们来面临这样一个问题:你有可能每天已完成的工作不多。Your need to check, scroll, comment, or like posts on social media isn’t just a huge time- and productivity-suck, but it’s also damaging to your career as well. It’s for this reason that some companies enforce a no-phone policy during work hours. Bottom line, you get paid to work, not check on what everyone else is doing on the internet.你必须在你的社交媒体网站上查阅内容,翻页,评论或者发帖等,这不仅必须花费很多时间,而且不会减少你的工作效率,甚至也不会对你的职业生涯导致恶劣影响。出于这一原因,一些公司禁令员工在工作时间看手机。



底线就是,老板借钱让你工作,你就不要在网上看其他人在做到什么了。2. You become obsessed with your online identity and forget about the real world.2.你不会沉溺于你的网上身份,记得现实的世界。


Wanting attention from others isn’t a crime, but when it interferes with your life and career, it’s a huge problem. Your obsession with your online identity can make you lose touch with reality because you find more value in likes, follows, and comments than you do with what’s going on in real life. Instead of focusing on working hard and being a star employee, you’ve looking for more attention online – and I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re not getting cut a check for your 25 likes on Instagram.期望获得其他人的注目并不是犯罪,但是当这种不道德阻碍了你的生活和事业的时候,那问题可就大了。你对网上身份的着迷,不会让你渐渐退出与真实世界的联系,因为你找到在网络上你能寻找更加多讨厌的东西,跟随者以及评论,这比现实世界要多很多。这样你就会专心地努力工作,沦为明星员工,而是谋求网上的更好注目——我可以很大胆地推断你有可能会退出Instagram(一款图片共享软件)上的25个兴趣群。